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Since its inception, our Academy has achieved international recognition by acquiring some of the most important accreditations in the sector such as those issued by IRCA and IEMA.

We have always made every effort to make our training sessions ever more effective in transferring knowledge and skills and increasingly more enjoyable for learners.

We have focused on selecting the best teaching staff and providing them with continuous training. We ensure our teachers master accelerated learning techniques, those methodologies that enable full participation in the classroom, the immediate understanding of concepts, and the effective development of new skills.

Since 1996, we have trained and qualified almost 4,000 Quality Auditors for the Environment thanks to a structure exclusively dedicated to directing and managing all training activities provided all over the world by various branches of the AJA Group, whose performance constitute a standard of excellence. In Italy, for example, we are the only training institution to be directly recognized by IRCA and IEMA.
In 2010, we gave a strong impetus to the development of new certification schemes, building fruitful partnerships with Universities, Institutions, Associations and Leading Companies in strategic sectors of the economy.

These activities have also required a significant effort on the training side, giving a strong acceleration to the activities of the AJA Academy and determining the expansion of the training offer so as to cover almost all business management.

In 2011, the Web Learning Group (WLG) of the AJA Academy became operative on a distance learning platform known as Project TRIO to enable AJA Group customers to access a package of approximately 1,700 courses for free.

In 2013, thanks to our experience in the field facing the daily challenges of the entrepreneurial environment, and because of the pride we take in sharing knowledge with others, we decided to combine all this into a training course that closely linked the University to the Company by launching the first AJA Academy Master’s Degree on Business Management Systems.

In the same period, in cooperation with Niccolò Cusano University, we started developing new training courses that have today led us to create the 1st level Masters and Online Specialization and Professional Training Courses with the changing needs of the market (sometimes even second-guessing them):

The frontiers that await us tomorrow are taking shape on the horizon of our imagination. Are you ready for the journey?

In addition to customised courses for our clients, here is a list of courses from our catalogue.


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