Certification of Persons

Non-destructive test workers

The non-destructive testing are the complex of tests that are conducted to asseverate the quality of components and products without altering the structure and characteristics of materials.

The testing through non-destructive tests is very important to detect the soundness of the components, to identify the malfunctioning of machinery or ensure the soundness of items processed.

For liability that the outcome of these tests involves, it is expected that workers are certified in order to guarantee competence and experience.

AJA Europe works under ACCREDIA accreditation (certificate no. 087C of 11/06/2013, according to UNI EN ISO 17024:2012) for fifteen tests in the civil sector and for the ten tests in the industrial sector identified by the standard ISO 9712:

Industrial Sector
Method Symbol
Ultrasound UT
Thermography TT
Induced current ET
Acoustic AT
Visual VT
Strain gauges ST
Radiographic RT
Penetrant fluids PT
Magnetoscopic MT
Leak Test LT
Civil sector
Method Symbol
Ultrasound UT
Sound / echometric SO
Sclerometric SC
Magnetometric MG
Chemical on site CH
Permeability PB
Of the corrosion potential of reinforcement PZ
Extraction and tear ES
Residual stress TR
Penetration test PE
Structural monitoring of crack patterns MO
Visual inspection of works VT
Georadar GR
Thermography TG
Tests with flat jack MP
Load Test PC
Structural monitoring in static field MO
Structural monitoring in dynamic range MV

Non-destructive test work...