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AJA Europe is an independent Body that has been providing for more than ten years third-party certification services on Management Systems, Products, CE marking and competence. Together with the other leading seats of AJA Group, it acts under the direct accreditation of the most important Bodies. Thanks to the Energy Division, which deals with energy efficiency projects, and to AJA Academy, which provides certified professional training, AJA Registrars Europe is able to provide organizations and professionals with a wide range of excellent services, ensuring a high added value.

Management Systems Certification

Implementing a Management System, an organization activates the tools to control production and decision-making processes, proceeding by objectives with constant attention to the continuous improvement.

With an accredited Certification, you choose to communicate to your stakeholders the validity of your System, to benefit of the work of auditors competent in your field and to grasp the opportunities for improvement that an independent audit ensures.

Certification of Competence

The Certification of Competence is the process by which the Independent Certification Body certifies the possession of the experience and training requirements of people required by national and international standards. AJA Europe is in possession of ACCREDIA accreditation on the ISO 17024:2012 standard for the certification of numerous professional profiles; is recognized by the Ministry of the Interior for the Certification of Security Professionals.

Certification of product, services and CE marking

The process and product certification ensures to customers and stakeholders that a company has implemented high quality production processes and that is able to continuously ensure a product compliant with the specifications. For some particularly sensitive procedures, these certifications are mandatory to operate at national and international level. The CE Certification, issued thanks to the notification of the European Commission, is necessary to operate in some productive sectors, such as buildings.

Energy Division

The Energy Division of AJA Europe deals with Energy Diagnosis, White Certificates, efficiency projects also through Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) and contracts, guaranteeing the results.

Collaboration with companies and public administrations takes place in the awareness that environmental sustainability can not be separated from economic sustainability.

AJA Academy

AJA Group, since its start almost 20 years ago, has always been committed to the promotion of training activities for the cultural and professional improvement of newcomers and professionals of Business Management Systems. Over the years, AJA Academy training offer has expanded to include many areas of business management.

The current partnerships with universities, training organizations and leading companies in their sectors prove the high content of AJA Academy training project.