Certification of Persons

Bionatural Disciplines Operators

By wellness and bio-natural disciplines are meant natural practices and techniques aimed at improving the quality of life, producing benefits in terms of optimizing personal and social resources, placing at the center the uniqueness and the totality of the person, the dynamism of the organism and the traditional trust in natural methods. Even though they require a deep knowledge of the organism and its functioning, they are complementary and in no way alternative to medicine.

AJA Europe Certifications

AJA Europe, set up technical tables with experts and industry associations, has developed and develops voluntary standards for people certification.

The certification process is developed in three main phases:

The certified professional figures are:

Holistic Operator D.B.N. – D.O.S.

The term “HOLISTIC” (from the Greek “HOLON”, that is “EVERYTHING”) does not have a per se specific meaning but it is used to identify a set of disciplines that work to support, maintain and improve the health status of the person through specific methods aimed at stimulating and reinforcing the natural resources of the person.

The “disease”, therefore, is seen as an imbalance between social, personal and economic factors, on the one hand, and biological causes on the other, and it is in this way that it is attempted to harmonize the emotional, social, physical and spiritual part of the person in order to stimulate the healing process.

The D.B.N – D.O.S. Holistic Operator is therefore a facilitator of natural well-being and integrated evolution. He / she works with healthy people or with the healthy part of “sick” people, to rediscover psychophysical harmony through the use of natural, energetic, artistic, cultural and spiritual techniques. The D.B.N – D.O.S. Holistic Operator stimulates a natural process of transformation and growth of self-awareness. What makes the figure of the Holistic Operator fundamental is his / her awareness of the global cultural situation, and of the importance of work on human conscience to orient People towards a greater awareness of their inner potential.

PHYL® YOGA operator

The PHYL® operator YOGA is a professional figure with energetic and yogic training that offers new tools and a lifestyle that takes into account both the ancient oriental traditions and the rhythms of our modern life. He / she offers high awareness instruments for a conscious and spiritual human growth respecting the environment in which we live and the other sentient beings.

This professional figure is oriented to the maintenance or recovery of the well-being of the person, analyzing both the personal energy and the energetic state of the environment in which we live.

The standard defines the requirements related to the professional activity of the PHYL® YOGA operator, specifies the qualification, knowledge, skills and competences in addition to the treatments that he / she can perform, the equipment and devices that can be used in the professional practice.


The Analogist is an expert who makes use of a vast knowledge of Analogic Disciplines, i.e. the laws and rules that govern the languages ​​and the emotional dynamics of man, the result of the original discoveries of Stefano Benemeglio, hypnologist, psychologist and emotional behavioral scholar from the 60s. Through the intuitions underlying these discoveries it was possible to decode the – non-verbal – language of the emotional, or analogic, or unconscious sphere, and allow the individual to access an unprecedented self-knowledge, with a consequent radical improvement of communication with oneself and with others.

Analogic Disciplines provide an important and original key to access to the well-being of the individual, through a direct and immediate dialogue with their own emotional or instinctual sphere, with the aim of promoting emotional well-being, rebalancing the relationship between reason and emotions, and a new lifestyle under the Analogical Philosophy.

With it it is meant a harmonious system of knowledge related to the dynamisms of the unconscious and the modalities of communication with it, through which the individual can better know himself, freeing himself from bonds that prevent him from living serenely and effectively his relationships with external reality, managing and overcoming the difficulties of everyday life.

The Analogist stands as an interpreter and lecturer of non-verbal emotional languages, through which the emotional instinct of the individual communicates deep problems, refusals, liking, upsets, loads and tension discharges every day.

The learning of this language allows to promote a new emotional well-being through the activation of an Emotional Empathic System, that is a capacity of excellent understanding and communication for the balanced management of the relationship between rational thought and emotionality, and to free precious resources for the development of one’s potential.

F.I.T. Method operator

The F.I.T. METHOD (Fast Insight Treatment) operator is a professional figure, highly specialized in the functioning of the mind and expert in the creative management of knowledge. Task of the F.I.T. METHOD is to accompany the individual client or group of people in a path of self-awareness through the use of a precise method of neuro-emotional deprogramming developed by Sergio Audasso.

The neuro-emotional de-programming method is able to help in the spheres of everyday life that can negatively affect our lives. Hence the name in acronym F.I.T. The neuro-emotional deprogramming technique favors the birth of a new personal consciousness by disidentifying the client’s mind from the basic beliefs due to neuro-emotional blocks.

Reiki operator – Reiki Master

REIKI is a Holistic Energetic Technique, which stimulates the natural resources of the individual, favouring the well-being of the person and aimed at generating a better quality of life. Reiki, has as its purpose, to favor the full and conscious assumption of responsibility of each individual, in relation to his / her lifestyle, of sustaining, maintaining and improving the state of well-being, stimulating and reinforcing, in a non-invasive way, the vital resources of the person, understood as a global and indivisible entity.

Reiki is a cultural heritage and has its traditional origins in oriental energy medicine, which boasts millennia of history; currently it is also experimented by modern science with means of research aimed at identifying mechanisms of the operation, and of the experimental results, to better understand its validity and effectiveness.

Reiki is a holistic treatment because it considers the person as a whole, evaluating the origin of the dystonia and therefore the roots of the previous blocks, impressed and subsequently registered at the cellular, and therefore physical, level. The individual has physiological needs that can not be separated from each other, being in close relationship. The person is therefore seen as the union of body, mind and spirit, and its well-being derives from the balance of these three fundamental levels.

The figure of the Operator applies REIKI techniques, while the figure of the Master has the necessary skills to teach this technique.

Professional Bioresonance Operator according to Paul Schmidt

Bioresonance according to the method of Paul Schmidt is a natural discipline that allows to make an assessment of the energy status of the person and then intervene with a targeted treatment on the system in difficulty or on the cause that created the problem.

It acts directly on the cellular frequencies, which allow the operator to identify the energy perturbations even before they generate somatization, therefore ideal for prevention.

Consequently, respecting the frequencies emitted by the body, Bioresonance treatment has no side effect.

The BsPS instruments act on the polarity of the electro-magnetic field without an energy overload, since they work according to the emitter-receiver principle.

Aware, now more than ever, that the state of well-being is not given only by the treatments but by an intention that the customer has to make the first step towards the search for a balance for the body and the maintenance of a healthy body through the elimination of interferents, Bioresonance operators comply with a treatment model operating in full complementarity and total compliance with any existing allopathic therapies.


The Course of Professional Theoretical / Practical Study of Aesthetology, trains the Aesthetologist, a new professional figure of the Natural Bio Disciplines based on rigorous scientific criteria of knowledge on aesthetology and wellness, multidisciplinary and multisectorial sciences.

Aesthetologist, a professional, consultant and operator able to coordinate and use non-traditional and exclusive services and works, aimed at the promotion and conservation of well-being, the correct application of methodologies in the field of fitness and healthy eating habits including educational didactic aspects of information and wellness services, all with a holistic view of the problems and needs of the complex world of natural wellness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) operator – Zhong Yi

The Theoretical/Practical Professional Study Path of TCM Operator – Zhong Yi, forms Zhong YI, a new figure of professional of Bio-Natural Disciplines (BND) formed on rigorous scientific criteria of knowledge of ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in its consulting aspects, manual practices, and healthy lifestyle education. ZHONG YI, a professional, consultant, and operator who works independently and is able to coordinate work groups and support the various professionals (in the healthcare, health and social services, and Bio-Natural Disciplines (BND) – Holistic Health Disciplines (OHD) sectors in order to support the wellbeing and health of the person assisted through the correct application of the Traditional Chinese Medicine directives. The exercise of this profession takes place through five main branches of TCM. These will be applied by the Zhong Yi – TCM Operator who will be able to obtain up to 6 (six) different certifications. These certifications will vary according to the professional sector in which the operator works, therefore, healthcare, health and social services, or BND – OHD, thus respecting the national and international regulations in force in order to completely integrate the Professional in today’s work environment.

The certifications that can be obtained following the examination are listed below and are divided into two Macro Groups split by Specific Qualifications and Skills:

Qualifications and Specific Skills

Manual Techniques:

  1. Acupuncture/Health-promoting techniques
    1. Acupuncture (profile in line with national and international regulations)
    2. Health-promoting techniques (profile in line with the 4/2013 regulations and Legislative Decree 13/2013)
    3. Auricular Acupuncture (profile in line with national and international regulations)
    4. Auricology (profile in line with the L. 4/2013 and Legislative Decree 13/2013)
  2. Tui Na (profile in line with the L. 4/2013 and Legislative Decree 13/2013)
  3. Qi Gong (profile in line with the L. 4/2013 and Legislative Decree 13/2013)

TCM/Herbalist Consultancy/TCM Integrative and Food Energetics Consultancy:

  1. TCM herbal medicine and pharmacology (profile in line with national and international regulations)
  2. Integrative Consultancy in TCM (profile in line with the L. 4/2013 and Legislative Decree 13/2013)
  3. Food Energetics according to TCM (profile in line with the L. 4/2013 and Legislative Decree 13/2013)

Everything will be carried out through a holistic view of the problems and needs of the complex world of wellness and health maintenance.

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